Humboldt books has just released Narciso nelle Colonie – Un altro viaggio in Etiopia, a striking travelogue made by the writer Vincenzo Latronico and the photographer Armin Linke.

In there you can also find a very interesting contribution by the historian Angelo del Boca about his encounters with Hailé Selassié I and an extra contribution by me, titled King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, where I try to observe the icon of Hailé Selassié I from the rastafarian perspective.
The three little texts that compose my contribution are titled:
1. I Love King Selassie
2. Black Star Liners
3. An Airbag Saved My Dub
And each one of them is accompanied by a picture. Here are a couple of spreads:

For this occasion I’ve also released a dedicated mix titled Yes, Rasta, which is conceived as a soundtrack of my contribution and of the book in general.


Honorable Profeta Byron RPP noticias Haile Selassie I
Hirut Bekele Track 7
Asha Gedawa, from Amhara Wedding Songs
Alèmu Aga Mèdinanna Zèlèsègna
Old Money & Lamin Fofana Ethiopia
Debo Band Gedawo (Kiddid Gedubwo Mix)
Asmara All Stars Fhemsela feat. Sara Teklesenbet
Haile Selassie I Feat. Bob Marley & The Wailers War (full length Amharic Version)
Adaneh Teka Bob Marley
? ? (from Bar Etiopia’s secret archive)
Fred Locks Black Star Liners
Dur-Dur Band Dholey
Members of the Borana Tribe Haile Selassie’s 80th Birthday Celebration: Borana Tribe

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