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It’s raining in Casablanca. I’m in Morocco again, exactly one year later.
I’m releasing a tape with some recordings of the Master Musicians of Joujouka I did last year during MMOJ festival.
This is the first public announcement but in fact I’m working on it since last september.
The project became even more interesting when I discovered that Dj /Rupture and Maga Bo were working on a project called Beyond Digital, based in Morocco and precisely Casablanca. This is the reason why I’m here.

The Side A of the tape will include a mix – titled Dreamachine – I did with MMOJ and other field recordings from the souk of Tangier and Gnoua musicians I met. The Side B will host a mix by Rupture and Bo mixing berber pop, tribal guarachero and other stuff from their amazing archive of global music.
As long as the roots of the project are in Morocco I decided to print the cassettes here. Today I’ll meet Imad from Fesmaatic – a record label and studio recording from Fes. He’ll print the tapes in a couple of days.
I’ll see what happen, drinking hot mint tea.

La Gasolina is coming from a shop nearby. The same song I danced in Venice on a boat for the Venice Biennale. What will happen when a taxi driver will play a Luzmila Carpio tune from Peru, selected by Rupture for my tape? My hopeness is that the music contained will travel as much as possible here, building connections and passions. I’ll see what happen.