Here‘s my first post on – an indipendent network for local and global soundscapes – which I’m happy to be part of. For the occasion I compiled three mini mixes of two songs each, all collected during my last visit in Morocco. Here are the mixes:

PW *Salwah-Ahouzar by Palm Wine
PW *Jil Jilala-Lemchaheb by Palm Wine
PW *El Hassani-Rouchia by Palm Wine

What you can read over there is a report from my days in Morocco as it appeared on this blog a while ago. I added some notes and included some pics I took. I still don’t have any news from Fesmaatic, which apparently printed the tapes but disappeared once I sent them the money. This is sad from many points of view and leave me unarmed. By the way I’m not able to consider it a failure and I wait – not only for a signal – but also for a great idea to turn this history into something interesting.

To keep everything up I post the cover of the cassette, which is already done and on my desk since a month ago.